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Want to learn more about handicrafts in a Charlotte Mason homeschool?

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Rooted Childhood Signature Collection

The Rooted Childhood Signature Collection includes 12 months of inspiration for connecting with young children through stories, songs, poetry, and meaningful handicrafts.

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The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour includes four seasonal issues with inspiration to bring arts and culture into your home through stories, songs, poetry, diverse artist and composer studies, and old-fashioned games.

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Storybook Soirée

There is no better way to send off a favorite book or story than with a sweet soirée! Each Storybook Soirée features a classic fairytale and ideas to bring it to life through hands-on activities and a family celebration. 

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I love that it's all bundled and organized for me! It makes it SO much easier to incorporate into our days. It's something that can now happen organically, and I love that.

Jessica L.

Having such beautiful short stories, seasonal poems and craft activities all in one place has really helped me bring more slow beauty into our home education weeks.

Hannah K.

I have really enjoyed using your materials for our first year homeschooling. My kids love the songs. We are cozying up for a quiet winter, and your products make it so worthwhile.

Whitney C.