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With the Rooted Childhood Christmas collection, you’ll receive inspiration for connecting with young children through stories, handicrafts, and hands-on activities. 

The Christmas collection is inspired by the Waldorf celebration of advent honoring the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and humankind during each of the four weeks of advent while still maintaining its roots in the Charlotte Mason method of education.

With a focus on simple, sweet moments at home, the Rooted Childhood Christmas collection aims to inspire, but not overwhelm. It’s a resource designed to be used for many years with the ability to pick and choose what you do this year that works with your family’s rhythm.

Who is it for? 

This product is designed for families with at least one child in the range of about 3-10 years old though the activities and projects can be enjoyed by babies all the way up to grandparents. Many families use Rooted Childhood as a supplement to their homeschool curriculum.

What's included? 

The Christmas Collection includes: 

  • inspiration and guidelines on how to create opportunities for connection in your home during the Christmas season including Advent, St. Nicolas Day, and Three Kings’ Day
  • inspiration to set up a nature table and invite nature into your home during advent
  • A story to tell aloud for each week of advent
  • instructions for a simple craft projects suitable for all skill levels for each week of advent
  • a seasonal recipe for each week of advent
  • an idea for a hands-on family activity for each week of advent
  • songs and poetry
  • picture book recommendations

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Materials List

Click here to view the supply list for the Christmas Collection. 

About the recipes 

The recipes in the monthly collections are designed to be simple enough for children to participate in a meaningful way. 

The recipes do not include refined sugar and most have gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options. 


The Rooted Childhood Christmas Collection is NOT a secular resource. This collection is designed as a parent resource so that you are able to adjust as needed to fit your family values.

If you have loved the Rooted Childhood monthly collections, you will likely love this as well, but I want to be up front that this collection may be “too Christian” for some and “not Christian enough” for others. While this collection tells the Biblical Christmas story, it does include undertones of homage to the natural world and some bits of magic and spirituality in keeping with the style of the Rooted Childhood monthly collections.

If your family prefers a more secular approach, you may prefer to substitute the advent stories with the Waldorf-inspired stories available as a free download at My hope is to give families a beautiful starting point to center their Christmas rhythm with enough flexibility for families to adjust as needed. 

Digital vs. Print Options

If you choose digital delivery, you will be able to access your PDF download instantly. This is a large digital files and must be downloaded and printed from a computer. 

If you choose the physical delivery option, you will have access to the PDF download AND you will get a physical printed product shipped to you. You will receive a full-color, "perfect-bound" magazine quality print. 

You will receive a tracking number when your order ships.

Have more questions? 

Visit the detailed Frequently Asked Questions page or email Meghann at

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Kelly Jaske

Christmas Collection

Amy Dawn Curtis
Gentle, engaging and fun

My son and I have enjoyed the easy to access, yet beautiful activities in this collection. Watching our nativity grow has been heart warming. My son's success and pride in his handiwork has also been fun to see. I'm glad to have found this resource.


I'm so excited to dig into the Christmas Collection. It looks like the perfect way to slow down and enjoy our time together during the holidays.

Mama AAM
Perfectly Curated - Buy It!

Soo....It is not a platitude when I say, "I never write reviews, but I just had to!" Because it's true. And I don't. And I did. I have 6 kids, over 1000 books in our home, have Waldorf-homeschooled, unschooled, Charlotte Mason schooled, and Montessori schooled. I fluctuate between grinding wheat and baking bread and grabbing a loaf at the gas station because "survival" mode is taking longer than expected. I joke that I used to be a "good" mom - as rated by my *own* standard, my own wishes, visions, and desires. I am an all or nothing perfectionist who becomes devastated when the ideal is not achieved. BUT - I am learning. I am growing and working and becoming. I am extremely choosy about what (and who) I allow in to my email inbox. I am extremely leery of the mega-super-1 million dollar value for a dollar-bundle-collection-type marketing. I am hoarder of all things beautiful and have a google drive filled with curriculum I will likely never use. But. This. I felt a tug and so I reviewed Meghann's other offerings. Scrutinized her verbiage. Judged her font choices (eyeroll at myself) and then, I did it. Everything about her style, word-choice, images, and content really, really reverberated in my heart. I needed to have ONE THING. One book to carry around that had poems AND stories AND a fun craft (or 10) and recipes I'd never tried and it had to be affordable, approachable, and beautiful. The success I have had with this book are in part because I committed to using it and - almost exclusively - it. But it's hugely because she made it so perfectly well-rounded, varied, and plain usable. I have been carrying it around in my purse (aka huge bag) so I have a verse or a little more of a story we began or an ingredient list for the impromptu grocery run. It is dog-eared, coffee-stained, and colored on - and it's only been 3 weeks. I have had to make the intentional effort to keep using it - not setting it aside in underestimation nor adding to it for sake of "more variety". Nope. This is it. It's what you need. Dare I say, it could be *all* you need for a mindful, beautiful, encouraging approach at creating new traditions, renewing old ones, revising our ideals as "shoulds" meet "what is". (I need to add that we are evangelical Christians and while I do add to it, in all honesty, it's the biblical content I am adding - and so important with resources like these - it does NOT detract from our deeply-held values and beliefs. That is very difficult to find in "waldorf-y" things, yet so very vital to the calling of Christian mothering to do so). I do not feel like I am less-than when I use this. I can't put my finger on how she achieves this, but I never feel like a pinterest-fail or a pathetic purist gone rogue. Instead, I land on what I can do and I flip past what I cannot - knowing there will be many (many, many) more opportunities to try them. I imagine it is partially age, maturity, and experience that has given me the "permission" I craved for so many years to be who I am. But Meghann has found a way to bring subtle, humble encouragement in a way that makes me want to stretch and attempt things again and find my inner "good" mama as I navigate life with so many and stop comparing it to my life with "just a few". Thank you, Meghann, for sharing your gifts and vision and encouragement. Most warmly, Mama Abby


Great collection of connection activities. Look forward to using it.